Allergies to insect stings (wasp, bee, hornet …)


allergie-piquere-insecte-300x194In severe allergy, an insect bite can result in death of the individual dive. Fortunately, most people do not suffer from allergies and bites of wasps and insects cause only mild toxic reaction and safe.

Called an allergic person, someone developing a hypersensitivity to insect venom – either one species of insect or more.

Allergic reactions to insect stings

In a non-allergic individual, an insect sting is manifested in the appearance of a papule (small skin lesion) of about 1 to 2 cm, coupled with a slight edema (swelling) and a rather painful mild itching known as “rash” (it dissipates in less than two hours in general).

Most of the time, the allergic reaction will become increasingly severe with repeated bites, but not necessarily.

In allergic individuals, the most common symptoms are severe local reactions at the injection spot. Between 1 and 3% of the population would manifest symptoms of allergic to insect bites.

The reaction will be more virulent than non-allergic individuals – the edema will be more solid and will remain for more than 24 hours.

The severity of the allergic reaction depends on several criteria:

> the sensitivity of the person’s poison,
> the age of the individual dive (the mortality rate is higher among adults)
> the venom of clusters inoculated by the insect in question,
> of where is the sting (close or not a vessel, less problematic to the hard      and thick fabrics like sole, but more serious to the tissues that are the        throat and mouth, for example)
> the violence of the allergic reaction also depends on the time interval          between the last two bites,
> certain chronic diseases (respiratory or cardiovascular) which could be      affected.