Be Enthralled by the Beauty of Gardens and Parks in Delhi

During your tour of Delhi, you must visit the parks and gardens in Delhi, if only to partake in the serenity of the place. Tourists to Delhi will no doubt be spell-bound by the great architecture and splendid places of worship that abound in the capital of India. Keep these gardens and parks earmarked so you can get a bit of rest if you come near one of them.

Deer Park-

This place is not only a deer park but also houses a duck park, rose garden, art market, and rabbit enclosures. It is named the AN Jha Deer Park after the social worker Aditya Nath Jha. People use this park for their morning walks. One can see splendid scenes of nature here.

Mughal Garden-


This is part of the Rashtrapati Bhavan complex and is spread over 6 hectares. This Mughal style garden has a circular design with fountains and terraces. One can see a wide range of flowers ranging from bougainvillea and roses, to orchids and marigold. Every tourist who comes to Delhi on a one day Delhi tour package will spend at least half an hour in the splendid garden.

Shahjahanabad Garden-


This beautiful garden was established in 1639 by Shah Jahan. The entire garden is composed of smaller gardens dedicated to the royalty of that time. Thus, we see “Qudsia Garden”, “Begum ka Bagh”, “Tees hazari garden” and Roshanara Garden” among many others. The gardens are well-maintained and so one can spend some time among the beauty of the ages there.

Talkatora garden-


The katora or bowl part of the name of this garden comes from the fact that it was situated near a tank on a hill that was shaped by the hilly ground in the form of a bowl. It also has a historical significance since it was near this place that the Mughals vanquished the Marathas in war during 1738 AD. The garden is replete with splendid flowers and the brightly coloured flowers is sure to please anyone visiting there.

Garden of Five Senses-



Maintained by the Delhi Tourism Transport Development Corporation, The Five Senses Garden is much more than a garden. Situated inside Said-ul-Azaib village, this garden provides ample space for recreational activities for the visitors. One will be enchanted by the water pools, walking trails, and fountains in this garden. The garden is designed to stimulate the five senses.

Japanese Garden-


This is known otherwise as Swan Jayanti Park and is located in Sector 11 Rohini. The Delhi Development Authority maintains this park. People use this place as a picnic spot. You have plenty of amusement parks and shopping malls near to it.

Visiting a garden is like staying in heaven for a while. Now that you have seen the places to visit in delhi in one day, set up your tour schedule in a way to get the most out of it. And just make sure to have the time to spend some time in these magnificent gardens to have a wonderful time.