Fully by wrap your face with a hot towel inflating dead skin cells ahead is a good idea.

The way of squeezing should change determined by the type of the pimple. For example, with black pimples, soften dead skin cells with steamed or massage towels and gently squeeze them. With white pimples, don’t squeeze them when they’re greatly stuck until they come out to the surface and wait. When yellow pus is observable with pimples with pus, gently squeeze the pus out.

You may worsen pimples by forcefully squeezing them when they are still at an early stage. You should never do that only because you need to remove oily skin. In such case, quite wait for a few days before squeezing.

By The Way, applying cosmetics after squeezing pimples is likely to cause damage to skin.

Some people wipe the skin with alcohol after removing the fatty material. This isn’t desired as the disinfected component may become black spots and eventually becomes freckles or blemishes.