Sleep: An Interrupted Night’s Worse Than a Short Night

Sleep insomnia

Fractional disrupts sleep much sleep a mood of reduced duration, according to a US study.

Whether because of insomnia, distressing thoughts or smartphones that keep us awake, the result is the same: one in three people suffer from disorders sleep . But researchers at the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, United States, wanted to know more precisely what is the worst kind of sleep for our health.

The findings of their study, published in the journal Sleep, suggest that the fractional sleep is even worse for us than a short night. The team asked 62 men and women in good health to spend three nights in a sleep center. After answering a questionnaire on their state of mind at bedtime, they were separated into three groups. The first was woken up regularly during the night, the second had the right to sleep very late and the last, the control group slept normally.

A lack of deep sleep

After analyzing the records of each participant sleep cycles, the researchers found that people in the group “Night interrupted” and “short night” were rather good mood during the day after the first night. Three days later, it was no longer the case: voluntary group whose sleep was interrupted were moody, while those who had slept little, but continuously, guarded smile.

The cause, according to researchers, the lack of deep, restorative sleep that was interrupted in the first group. Persons who slept a few hours against, had time to enjoy it. An explanation that could help better understand the links between stress, depression, sleep disorders and mood. “Do not go through deep sleep stages limit the ability to rest and manage positive emotions in response to stress,” commented the scientists quoted by the magazine Time .