Teeth Whitening Guide


Teeth bleaching term describes a cosmetic oral treatment carried out to whiten teeth. This in fact, is the most often used dental procedure. The teeth bleaching procedure typically involves bleaching of teeth in order to eliminate discolorations and brighten the client’s smile.

Teeth Staining Causes

Various factors add to teeth staining, but one of the most typical causes is the food and beverages you consume. Particular foods and drinks like berries, red wine, coffee, tea, and soda will discolor your teeth if frequently taken in over an extended period of time. Some antibiotics, most notably tetracycline can stain your teeth as well. Another factor for tooth discoloration is cigarette smoking. Keep in mind that some people have naturally yellow-colored teeth, and in this case the color of their smile is determined by their genetics.

Teeth Whitening Options

There are many different teeth bleaching options readily available on the marketplace, due to the popularity of tooth bleaching. The lightening procedure can be carried out in an oral office or in the comfort of your own house. The in-office teeth bleaching normally yields much better and quicker results compared with the at-home lightening. If you whiten your teeth in a dental office, it is likely to see outcomes right after the procedure has actually been completed. Lots of people do not feel comfy in a dental office and if that holds true the at-home teeth whitening can be a better option. You can bleach your teeth with over-the-counter products like bleaching strips or trays with bleaching gel. You can likewise utilize a lightening item prescribed by your dental professional, which is usually a mouth tray with strong bleaching gel. If you decide to whiten your teeth at home, ensure that you follow the application instructions your dentist provided or the directions that include the over the counter whitening product.

Teeth Bleaching Costs

Teeth whitening expense vary greatly depending on the method of bleaching you select. Certainly in-office teeth whitening performed by dentist will be the most pricey option and it might from several hundred to thousands of dollars. Nonprescription products are more affordable teeth whitening alternative with a price beginning at $30.

After a Teeth Bleaching Treatment

Teeth bleaching outcomes do not last forever – usually you can expect between several months and a year. Nevertheless fortunately is that you can extend the impacts of teeth bleaching by simply avoiding foods and beverages that stain teeth and cigarette smoking. Such foods and drinks include but are not restricted to coffee, tea, red wine, and berries. If you choose to consume these foods then brush your teeth right away after.

Teeth Bleaching Results

If the very same teeth lightening treatment is applied to 2 different individuals, most likely the outcomes will be various. Not all teeth react to bleaching equally well. For example if teeth have yellow shade, chances are that they can be lightened relatively quickly. If the teeth are gray in color, then bleaching might be much harder, if not difficult. If you are thinking of teeth bleaching, then is recommended to consult your dentist initially, as they can suggest the very best teeth lightening treatment for you.