The Different Kinds of Hockey – Not Just Australian Field!


Did you know that there are more types of hockey than just Australian field? There are, in fact, several different disciplines, and the game is even played on roller blades! All types of hockey are played recreationally, but there are also professional leagues for each type.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is an Olympic sport and the NHL is the best-known league globally. In ice hockey, there are six players per side and the game is played on a sheet of ice that’s 200 feet long and between 85-100 feet wide.

A fast paced and often dangerous version of the game, ice hockey is incredibly physical, with plenty of clashes taking place.

Field Hockey

Played in over 70 countries and with 11 players a side, field hockey has gown hugely in popularity in recent years. It was the 3rd most watched sport at the 2012 Olympic Gmes and each game runs for a total of 70 minutes. Played on a grass surface, field hockey is fast and furious, and players exercise incredible control over their sticks. Hours of practice and drills such as those explained at go into becoming a pro field hockey player, and the game is fiercely competitive and very exciting to watch.

Indoor Hockey

Indoor hockey is similar to field hockey but it as been adapted for play indoors. The same field hockey drills also apply to indoor hockey and the only difference is that the game is played on a hard, flat surface rather than on grass. Indoor hockey can easily be adapted to outdoor hockey and played on a surface such as asphalt. The game also sees 2 teams of 6 players each face off and the game usually runs for 20 minutes each way.

Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is played on roller blades or roller skates, and is also referred to as inline hockey. Played with 2 teams of 6 and very similar to ice hockey, roller hockey is intensely physical and is played on an indoor skating rink. The game is played in two periods of up to 15 minutes each and the action is intense.

The fact that there are so many different types of hockey is proof of just how versatile the game can be, and how it has been flawlessly adapted for various situations.