Trekking Adventures for People Who Love Adventure

trekking near Bangalore

Trekking is for the nature lovers and those whose spirit is free as the wind. The excitement of seeing natural beauty up close is a unique experience.

Madhugiri Trek

The Madhugiri Trek is a single day trek on the Madhugiri hill at 3930 feet. The hills have a fort built into its steep sides that was built by Hyder Ali. One sees the Gopalkrishna Temple ruins at the top. The trek starts in Bangalore at 7:00 AM. With a brief stop to have breakfast, the trek continues until the entire team reaches the top of the hill. Here the team has lunch. After a while, the descent takes place and the team reaches back at the vehicle by 4:00 PM. Then, you have a drive back to Bangalore which will you reach by 7:00 PM.

Makalidurga Trek

For those trekking near Bangalore, this trek offers good scenic views and is not difficult. The trek begins in the morning and finishes by evening. The hill is in Daddaballpur situated 60 KM from Bangalore. The view from the top is spectacular. One sees the lake and if lucky, the view of the train passing on the hillside. The hill top has good space for camping near the Lord Shiva temple. One sees many varieties of plants including lemon grass and date plants on the hillside. The trek begins at 7:00 AM with breakfast on the way. When everyone reaches the top, we have lunch. Then, after a brief rest, we descend.

Hampi Trek and Bouldering

This trek fascinates everyone who undertakes it. The history of the stone structures date back a long time as much as 600 years. The organizers help you at all points. The trekkers get power snacks and guidance. Lots of fun and excitement is in store including a campfire and homestay at the top. Hampi is the old name of the River Tungabadra which people called Pampi. People who know history will know it as the capital of the Vijayanagara kingdom.

Gorkhana Beach Trek

On the Karavalli coast, we have the sacred site of Gorkhana. The name Gorkhana translates to ear of the cow. This lays between the rivers Gangavali and Agnashin. The common belief is the Atmalinga of Lord Shiva exists in the form of the ear of the cow. Hence, this is one of the seven muktistalas in India. You see many beautiful beaches and temples in this holy place. Your trek takes you through Paradise beach and Half-Moon Beach and from there to Om beach. You can see the Dolphin view spot and sunset spot before trekking to Gorkhana beach. You will reach back at Bangalore after you trek back to Kudle beach.

ShivGanga Trek with GutsyTribe

This place has more to offer for the religiously oriented trekkers. The hilltop offers a wonderful view of the rocks shaped like a shivalinga and the spring that flows near is named ‘Ganga’. The height of the hilltop is 1367 meters. One can see the carving of Nandi on the rocky side of the hill. This trek has plenty to offer for the beginners and those who want to see new things. The guides will help you on the way up and back.

Take your pick for the most exciting and adventurous experience of your life!